Hiking Big Bald from Sam’s Gap to Spivey Gap

Hello all! My apologies for not posting an update lately. Life has been a wee bit nutty and busy lately. We have been asked to be the sponsorship chair for DogFest Charlotte and that has been a journey in and of itself learning the ropes on how to seek sponsorships. If you know of anyone that would be interested in sponsoring our event fundraiser and/or Canine Companions for Independence – please let me know!

Meanwhile, a few weeks ago Whoopi and I were able to join a few friends on a training hike and hiked a section of trail from Sam’s Gap to Spivey’s Gap between NC and TN. It was a short overnight section but a welcome break from the hustle and bustle of the crazy, busy world. Whoopi and I were able to further test out our gear as I tried out my inijiji toe socks with my new pair of Solomon trail runners, while Whoopi tried out her new leash and bed system.

The hike from Sam’s gap was a gradual incline up to Big Bald for about 5 miles or so with the fantastic panoramic views. The gnarliest part of the trail was right before getting to the meadow heading up to Big Bald. Up top – we took a much needed rest and enjoyed the view and the breeze. We hiked on for a couple more miles to camp just in time for dinnertime. One word of advice – if you have easy access to a stream while you’re heading to camp – get your water there! A water source that is on a blue blaze trail 0.1 miles away from camp is ALWAYS further than you think it is going to be at the end of the day… Also if you have to take a blue blaze trail – bring the trekking poles along as it is guaranteed that the water source is going to be at the bottom of a steep and slippery hill.

Day 2 dawned grey and misty while we ate breakfast and began breaking camp. Just as I was starting to break down my tent – the rain came pouring down. It was a cold drenching rain and I quickly threw the stuff that needed to keep dry into my pack, and tried to cover up Whoopi with her raincoat. Poor Whoopi sat there under the trees with her head drooping looking a miserable drowned rat. Poor pup! I wish I had a picture of it for you guys but alas I do not have a waterproof case for the phone yet.

We finally finished breaking camp and trekked on through the rain. I have discovered that my trail runners did quite well despite the rain. I do like the idea of the trail runners compared to boots as the trail runners are much lighter and so much quicker to dry out. My legs and feet are also not nearly as tired at the end of the day. I did not do any preventative care to my feet and ended up with only one blister – which for me is a miracle. Will continue testing this combination out as I think it will be the best one for me. By the time we finished the hike on day 2 – we were all starving and ready to get to town to stop for pizza and beer. Ahhhhh… it’s the best thing ever after a hike!

We are planning a week long hike for the fall so will be posting about that trip in the coming weeks. In the meantime – we will be posting a raffle for dog toys by the weekend! A $5 dollar donation will you enter you into the raffle for $50 worth of dog toys. Pictures and more information to come soon so please check back soon. Our DogFest page is located here if you would like to check it out. In the meantime thank you for reading and paws up!


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