Some New Gear for my Hearing Dog Whoopi

It is finally spring time and Whoopi and I are working on our gear and training for the Appalachian trail hike next year. With the generous help from a family friend’s mom – Whoopi now has a “new” sleeping bag of her own for times we are on the trail in early spring or the fall! The bag is modified from an old synthetic mummy bag that I had in the closet and weighs in now at 32 oz or 2 lb. It’s on the heavy side but for the time being it will work for the cold nights on the trail and when Whoopi needs the extra warmth.

IMG_4144_lo resIMG_4116

We also have new leash from Ruffwear called a “Roamer” leash. This particular leash Is one that can be worn around the wrist or around the waist. It has a stretchy/expandable section that allows the leash to lengthen from about 7ft to 10ft. We will be giving this leash a try to see how it does for us. The hope is that it will allow some space for Whoopi to walk comfortably in front of me on the trail and also allowing her the length needed when we go over technical sections on the trail where we may need more distance. The other nice thing that I’m looking forward to is the very nice and easily used leash clip. It’s very easy use while having gloves on and is very strong and sturdy. We will keep you posted on how it does for us on and off the trail!

IMG_4160_lo resIMG_4159_lo res

We have a few more things that we have been working on to get our gear list settled in and will write about it in our next post. In the meantime – Whoopi and I will continue our preparations to raise awareness and funds for Canine Companions for Independence!

Thanks for stopping by! See you next time!


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